3 Blade Propeller + Pitot Spinner Kit for VAN’s RV-12

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3 Blade NLE Propeller + Pitot Spinner Kit for VAN's RV-12

3 Blade Propeller custom designed for your VAN's RV-12 application with Nickel Leading Edges + 10 Inch Pitot Spinner & Installation Hardware

  • 3 Blade Wood + Composite Propeller
  • Optional Nickel Leading Edges protect from the elements
  • 10″ Self Centering Spinner w/ Pitot
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At last, a propeller & spinner worthy of VAN’s RV-12


Looking for the perfect propeller + spinner combination for that shiny new RV-12 you’ve been polishing in your hangar?  Look no further!  The CATTO 3 Blade Propeller with Nickel Leading Edges is designed specifically for VAN’s RV-12 airframe.  But wait, there’s more!  Not only have we developed the quietest, fastest, most durable propeller in existence for the RV-12 – we’ve designed a spinner to match it, in both performance and beauty.

Our RV-12 CATTO Spinner includes a pitot hole fitting which perfectly aligns to the RV-12’s nose pitot tube through its self centering front bulkhead, making spinner installation a breeze.  This very special combination is only available for the incredibly low price of $4200 – a 10% discount! – when you purchase both the propeller and spinner as a kit.

What more could you possibly ask for?  Outfit your RV-12 with the very best.