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Catto Propellers manufactures a durable structural composite propeller with an optional nickel leading edge.  Each propeller is designed specifically for each application, for each aircraft and made to order.

The base construction consists of a Natural Hardwood Maple core that is CNC cut and encapsulated in Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Composite.  The wood core is ideal to dampen the harmonic vibration from the engine to ensure the smoothest possible operation.  The fiberglass and carbon fiber provide the structural strength with one of the highest strength to weight ratio of propellers available.

Electroformed Nickel Leading Edges are an option available to every CATTO propeller.  Nickel has one of the highest Rockwell Hardness that provides adequate protection against the elements.  These leading edges are vacuum formed with aerospace adhesive and are replaceable.

Catto Propellers provides propellers for a variety of applications and engines, be sure to advise us of your configuration including: floats, skis or size of wheels.

The difference between a 2 Bladed and 3 Bladed Propeller

From a performance standpoint the 2 Bladed and 3 Bladed very similar, almost equivalent.  The 3 Bladed propeller is smoother due to it’s ability to distribute the power pulses from the engine.

Weight varies depending on design, a 2 Bladed propeller weighs between 10-14 pounds an a 3 bladed propeller weighs between 11-15 pounds.  The difference in weight from a metal prop will provide a noticeable savings in fuel alone.

Spinners are available for purchase and are all custom fit to the propeller.  A variety of hardware including:  extensions, crush plates and bolts are available either through us or Saber Manufacturing.

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