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By on May 4, 2015 in News | 0 comments

We’ve been trying to figure out which airframe we should certify a propeller for first. Instinct says it’s a Cub… but maybe you guys think differently! Help us out and take our survey to let us know which airframe YOU would like to certify a CATTO Propeller for. We’re open to all ideas! Thank you. Certified Propeller...

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By on Feb 14, 2015 in News | 0 comments

CATTO Propellers has submitted engineering paperwork to EAS (Experimental Aviation of Switzerland) for analysis and approval of propeller design and structural integrity. The engineering and design documentation was a result of rigorous testing performed for ASTM International, the American Society for Testing and Materials, an international organization which develops and publishes standards for materials and systems in a wide range of industries. Additional sample data and documentation was derived from CATTO’s production of propellers for LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) manufacturers, including the complete production of hundreds of propellers for the largest LSA manufacturer in the US, Cubcrafters Inc. CATTO Propellers is already well established in the UK, with approval of propellers on homebuilt aircraft through the UK’s LAA (Light Aircraft Association). In addition to submission to the EAS and LAA, CATTO’s structural integrity documentation is being used in our current goal of earning the FAA’s Airworthiness Certification for the Super Cub type aircraft market with our recent application for FAA Certification. With several certifications pending, we here at CATTO Propellers are excited to gain full certification in existing and new markets, making CATTO Propellers available to a broader range of aviation enthusiasts and professionals for generations to come. ©2015 CATTO Propellers 12370 Airport Road, Hanger 156 Jackson, CA 95642 info@cattoprops.com www.cattoprops.com (209)...

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All of us at Catto Propellers would like to send Paul Bonhomme congratulations for his great start to trials just starting in Abu Dhabi.  Catto Propellers hosted Paulo Bonhomme’s team at their hanger in Jackson California, KJAQ in December/January. CATTO was happy to assist with the use of one of their large CNC’s to make molds utilizing a cleaver rapid prototyping technique.  Pretty much everything on the outside was new from the cockpit forward.  Including some very ingenious design work by CATTO college Professor Paulo Iscold from UFMG. Photo’s are of Paul Bonhomme and the entire crew that worked at the Catto facility.  And some great formation with Craig Catto in his RV-6 and Paul Bonhomme and his newly highly modified RedBull race plane. You can view more information here:...

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By on Feb 12, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Catto Propellers is happy to donate sponsorship of this three bladed propeller on the first experimental aircraft ever registered in Hong Kong (B-KOO). The RV-8 project is an educational and non-profit project, where high school students has been the main building force, lead by pilots and engineers mentors. It’s planning an around the world trip once it completed its flight test. We are happy to promote the advancement of aviation and education. Congratulations Hong...

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