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3 Blade RV-12 Propeller & Pitot Spinner Kit Installation Instructions


Congratulations on your new 3 Blade RV-12 NLE Propeller & Pitot Spinner Kit!  (Or, if you’re just reading, head over to our Store and order yourself a kit today!)  You may be wondering how to install this kit.  No problem – we made this handy guide (with pictures!) for you to obtain a greater understanding of how to install your kit.

Installation instructions:


1.  Gather all your friends around you to show them your new kit.

2.  Have them all speculatively watch you remove your old non-CATTO propeller.



3.  You should now have a blank flywheel hub.  Install your shiny new cadmium plated lugs into the hub’s bolt holes with the rim bevel facing aft.

4.  Take your new 10″ rear spinner bulkhead and affix to flywheel over the lugs.

5.  Stand back and feel accomplished for a moment.  Take a few pictures.



6.  Install your new 3 Bladed CATTO Propeller on top of the rear spinner bulkhead and lugs.

7.  Put your new Rotax 5″x 1/4″ crushplate in front of your propeller, and quickly insert a couple of bolts to keep your propeller and crushplate attached to the flywheel.  Please make sure the bolts are all the way through the lugs before you let go – otherwise you’ll drop your propeller.

8.  Install the nuts to the threaded ends of the propeller bolts behind the flywheel hub.  Tighten them with your fingers, adn then a crescent wrench.

9.  Finish installing all the bolts, and torque them to the recommended value of 17 ft. pounds with your torque wrench.  Stand back and take an additional breath – you’re almost done.



10.  Now comes the exciting part.  Take your new 10″ CATTO Spinner  and attach it slowly to the end of your RV-12’s nose pitot tube at the pitot duct opening inside the cone of the spinner, located on the self centering front bulkhead.

11.  Slowly push the spinner all the way onto the pitot tube until the self centering front bulkhead slides into the 2 1/4″ center hole of the propeller crushplate.  The RV-12’s pitot tube should protrude roughly 1″ out of the spinner’s tip when correctly installed.  The spinner should slide easily over the propeller blades and fit snugly onto the rear bulkhead behind the propeller.


12.  Get out your powered screwdriver (or you can just use a hand cranked screwdriver if you want to strengthen your grip) and install the screws through the spinner screw holes into the rear bulkhead beneath.  Make sure you have your plastic washers on your screws first  so as not to damage the spinner.  The rear bulkhead has nut plates pre installed to recieve and hold the screws.

13.  Ensure that the entire assembly fits snugly and flush against both the propeller and the rear bulkhead.  There should be roughly 1/8″ of space between the rim of the spinner’s cutout and the root of the propeller blade.

14.  Check that everything spins nicely and doesn’t wiggle around.  If it does, something may not be tightened down enough.



15.  Take your final deep breath, and get out your camera again.  You’ve finished installing your CATTO 3 Blade NLE Propeller & Pitot Spinner kit!  Congratulations on a job well done.  Now you can stand back and take more pictures of the beautiful face of your aircraft as all your friends stare on in amazement.