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Propeller Tips

Catto Propellers are painted with PPG Concept 2000 acrylic urethane paint. The same is applied in clear coat over the top of the color coat giving the propeller a deep, bright glossy finish.  The standard base or primary color of the propeller is white, however you may also choose between light or dark gray. The standard tip color is red, however you choose blue or yellow. Custom primary or tip colors are available upon request at an additional charge.

Primary Colors

White (standard)                           Light Gray                              Dark Gray     

Tip Colors

Red (standard)                                   Blue                                        Yellow      

Propellers in the tractor configuration all have a flat black paint on the backside of the propeller applied to the last 75% of the blade.  This is to prevent reflection glare for the pilot. This is common to all tractor aircraft applications.

Blade Tip Design

The shape of the propeller tip is also an option for you.  The rpm will come up slightly with the radius or crescent tip over the square tip, but is generally not measurable unless you have a digital tach.  I use the Crescent Tip design as standard as this is what the majority of owners prefer and it appears to be slightly quieter than the square tip but again is hardly measurable.

               Square Tip                                 Radius Tip                   Crescent Tip (standard)

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